Welcome to the Black Tie CEO Club

Our goal....

Our goal....Our goal is to support Helen Woodward and the FACE Foundation as we believe in their cause. See more details on our pages.


VolunteersIf you want to learn slicing-edge business skills in PR, marketing, social media, and advertising, join our fun group of 619-793-4827 now.

Help Promote for Dogs

Help Promote for DogsIf you know senior executives in town, please forward our links and invitations. The hardest part of this task is getting to the right people.



Welcome to the Black Tie CEO Club

PLEASE NOTE: In 2014 we were renamed the Black TIe CEO Club (from Black Tie Cigar Club) and will no longer be a smoking club…..We want to expand our guests to the nonsmoking dog lovers who are out there…. NEWS: As of February  26th, 2014 we have joined forces with both Helen Woodward and the FACE Foundation [started by the wonderful people at Veterinary Specialty Hospital (our fave)]  and 100% of our net profits will go to both, wonderful organizations that serve very different missions. All of the money we provide to them has only a single stipulation: That the money serves dogs.  PS. If you sign up to be on our mailing list (to the right) you won’t miss out on any future, fun Galas!

Our Next Event:  The Wedding From Hell! (summer/early fall 2014)

We do not create events, we create memories. We create evenings you are meant to never forget. This is not a business-card exchange, it is where high-level dealmakers cross paths with persons they would have otherwise never met and strike up friendships that, we hope, will last a lifetime.

The Black Tie CEO Club  unites about 200 senior executives and decision-making EVPs in an environment of fine San Diego CEOspirits and even finer people who are their peers.

Guests at our events  collectively represent or control  billions. In a recent event, one of my friends drove in from Newport Beach; he alone funded  10 deals to the tune of 1 billion dollars in cash…our guests mean business, and they know how to enjoy their lives.

We are very different than other organizations in town; our first goal is camaraderie, not exchanging cards. We do not sell our services at our events, but tables are available for all of you to place  your literature and business cards.

See pictures of a recent event, Casino Royale James Bond night at the 15-star Grand Del Mar. 

You can also visit our FaceBook page called Black Tie Cigar Club; the video is there and on YouTube under Black Tie Cigar Club. Here is the video of the event.

100% of our profits go to help dogs, so there is a no profit motive. None of SanDiegoBizLaw’s staff is compensated for their work other than through wages; they take time during work and volunteer afterwards along with all of our other wonderful volunteers and our Board of dedicated and intelligent people.

The events of this San Diego CEO Club go above and beyond placing you all in a room and hope you do well; we are involved and would be delighted to make introductions to people who you may want to meet. At the end of the day, you have peers with whom you can exchange conversation about issues you both face and make great friends along the way, with people you may have never otherwise crossed paths with; ask anyone who has attended our past  events.

Most of our events are black tie optional.  One of our more fun events was the Casino Royale James Bond event at the 5-diamond/ 15 -star Grand Del Mar on August 6th; it attracted 223 dealmakers who joined us in a wonderful evening: the video is here.

San Diego Cigar ClubOur goal is to have a Black Tie gala approximately 4 times a year, at a fine venue; don’t worry if you don’t know any of the other members.For those of you who have attended either SanDiegoBizLaw’s or Steven Riznyk’s private parties, you will undoubtedly remember the NewlyMet game, which will be in full force, allowing you to meet every single person there as you have to ask them the theme questions of the night.We will pause the party and choose three contestants.  In this way, you ‘must’ meet everyone there.We’re about friendships first and foremost and  discourage selling or promoting anything; camaraderie first.This is not about making your next deal. You may make a friend and it may take a year to conduct business together…or you may never conduct business together. What’s harder to find…a like-minded friend, or a deal?The Black Tie CEO Club’s guests are powerful in their own right, and very well connected.Please visit and like our Facebook page, where you will find more pictures of events, as well as videos for you to enjoy. We are looking for volunteers so that we can raise the most amount possible for dogs and if you are interested or know someone please click here.  Volunteers will not be working with dogs; they will learn social media, marketing, PR, and advertising skills at our offices behind the La Jolla Marriott on Executive Drive; great resume experience and great friends for them to meet.Of course, corporate sponsors who wish to advertise or brand to dealmakers are always welcome! Thank you!Steven Riznyk Chairman (619) 793-4827

PPS CORPORATE SPONSORS: Everywhere you see our logo….we want to replace it with yours…ours doesn’t need to be anywhere….it’s just there to show you the opportunities we offer….support a great cause and get in front of serious dealmakers….


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